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NRA Chief LaPierre Confesses to Misusing Funds for Personal Travel

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre admitted during a trial on Monday that he used the organization’s money wrongly. He said he paid for private flights for his family and took vacations from vendors that worked with the NRA. These actions were not allowed, but LaPierre didn’t tell anyone about them.

This trial is happening because the New York attorney general sued LaPierre and three others in 2020. They accused them of using NRA money for themselves.

During the trial, lawyers showed the jury receipts. These receipts showed that LaPierre bought an expensive handbag for his wife with NRA money. They also showed that he spent over $500,000 on private flights, including some where he didn’t even fly.

LaPierre said, “I now know there was a limit of $25 for NRA-sponsored gifts.”

LaPierre had said before the trial that he would resign as the head of the NRA. He had been leading the organization for a long time. His last day is Wednesday.

On Monday, LaPierre said he was leaving the NRA “on good terms.”

NRA Chief LaPierre Confesses to Misusing Funds for Personal Travel

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre

During the trial, LaPierre said he didn’t realize that things like travel tickets and hotel stays counted as gifts.

He also said he got suits worth $274,000 from a media contractor. He said he needed them for TV interviews.

LaPierre also said he authorized helicopter flights for NRA executives during NASCAR events. These flights were to avoid traffic. But they also helped the NRA build relationships with country music stars and other groups.

LaPierre said he paid back some of the money he used wrongly. He said he wanted to pay back even more, with interest.

But LaPierre also said that some of the private flights were necessary for his safety. He said this was because people were angry at him for speaking against gun control after the Sandy Hook shooting.

The trial is ongoing. The attorney general’s office wants NRA officials to pay back money they took wrongly. LaPierre has led the NRA since 1991. After he leaves, his spokesperson Andrew Arulanandam will take over temporarily.

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