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Hwa Sa Teases Full Album Release and Potential Solo Tour for 2024

Hwa Sa, a member of the renowned group MAMAMOO, has revealed thrilling plans for her solo career in 2024. Known for hits like “TWIT,” “Maria,” “I’m a B,” and “I Love My Body,” Hwa Sa continues to surprise fans with her unique style and powerful performances.

In a recent interview with Star News, Hwa Sa reflected on her journey as a solo artist and shared her thoughts on her 10th debut anniversary. When asked about her evolving image and fearless exploration of various genres, she emphasized the importance of constant contemplation. “The most important thing to me is ‘thinking’. It can be burdensome at times, but I consider it my destiny as someone in this profession,” she said.


Hwa Sa plans to release a full album and is considering a solo tour in 2024.

As the Korean Lunar New Year, Seollal, approaches, Hwa Sa mentioned her plans to take a trip to relax and recharge. Looking ahead to the new year, she expressed her top priority: health. She also revealed her eagerness to share more music and performances with her fans, known as MooMoos.

For her 10th debut anniversary, Hwa Sa is dedicated to preparing a new album and hopes to meet more fans through live performances. “I’m pouring everything into preparing the album. And I want to meet more fans. My heart is fluttering, and I hope you all have high expectations for this year too,” she shared.

Fans eagerly anticipate a potential solo tour as Hwa Sa hints at a busy year filled with new music and performances. Stay tuned for more updates on Hwa Sa’s exciting plans for 2024.

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