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Julia Fox’s Playful Look At The Elena Velez Costume Ball

Julia Fox brought a fun vibe to the Elena Velez Costume Ball. The 34-year-old actress sported a fresh light lavender-gray hair color, accentuating her newly bleached eyebrows. This updated look made a statement, especially paired with her long lavender gray locks.

Julia debuted her new appearance at the 2024 New York Fashion Week Costume Ball, stunning in a form-fitting georgette taupe dress with a deep slit, topped with a brown-gray corset.

She opted for minimalism for accessories, wearing baby pink pointed-toe heels with white ribbons wrapping around her ankles.

Julia stunned at 2024 NY Fashion Week in a taupe dress with a slit and corset.

Even though she kept her jewelry minimal, her makeup was anything but. Julia showcased a striking and dramatic look with sporting teal eyeshadow, bright fuchsia pink blush, and matte red lipstick.

Following the event, she took to Instagram to share her love for the glamorous ball. Julia also gave a shout-out to the designer of her dress, expressing pride in wearing a sustainable luxury brand, @e.u.n.o.i.a.a.

Julia’s fashion choices weren’t limited to the Costume Ball. At the Sundance Film Festival, she made heads turn with her unique ensembles.

From a white cable-knit bikini layered over a black catsuit with a faux fur coat to an all-denim outfit paying homage to Utah, she never failed to make a statement.

The latter included an oversized denim jacket with exaggerated shoulder pads, denim pants sewn into red pointed-toe high heels, and accessorized with a bridal veil, white suede, faux fur coat, a small white leather baguette bag, and a chunky white leather belt with an oversized heart buckle reading “Mother”.

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