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Former Governor Nikki Haley Vows to Stay in Republican Presidential Race Despite Poll Numbers

Nikki Haley, a former governor of South Carolina and a previous contender for the Republican presidential nomination, made it clear on Tuesday that she’s committed to staying in the race for a while longer.

Speaking in Greenville, South Carolina, Haley said that even if she doesn’t do well in the upcoming South Carolina Republican primary, she plans to continue her campaign. Despite trailing Trump by a large margin in her home state, Haley asserted that she’s not dropping out anytime soon.

She intends to keep campaigning at least until Super Tuesday on March 5, when a significant number of GOP delegates will be up for grabs across 16 states and territories.

Nikki Haley reaffirms commitment to Republican presidential race, pledges to continue campaign despite trailing in home state.

Haley’s determination indicates that she believes she still has what it takes to run for president, namely, the resolve to persevere and the financial backing to support her campaign. Her campaign recently experienced a surge in fundraising, bringing in $16.5 million in contributions in January alone.

Despite facing criticism from Trump and some donors pulling back their support, Haley’s fundraising efforts have remained strong. Trump’s attacks on Haley have even resulted in increased donations to her campaign, such as when he criticized her husband’s military service, prompting a $1 million influx in donations.

While some donors have paused their contributions, Haley has continued to attract significant financial support, including from prominent figures like Charles Koch’s political network and Wall Street donors.

Even Trump’s threats to ban donors who support Haley from the “MAGA camp” have only spurred more donations to her campaign, including a $2 million boost after she received 43% of the vote in the New Hampshire primary.

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