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Biden’s Campaign Surges Past $155M for 2024 Election

President Biden’s 2024 campaign is financially robust, boasting $155 million in cash on hand, with $53 million raised last month alone, marking the strongest grassroots fundraising month since its launch.

Noteworthy efforts, like a fundraiser featuring Biden, Obama, and Clinton, contributed $4 million in March. Biden highlighted the genuine enthusiasm and support encountered during nationwide tours, with 1.5 million donors, including 500,000 new ones, and 97% of donations under $200.

In contrast, Trump’s financial situation appears less stable, with February figures undisclosed.

Biden’s campaign amasses a historic $155M, showcasing grassroots strength and enthusiasm, outpacing Trump’s financial standing.

By January’s end, his committees held a mere $36.6 million in cash, exacerbated by substantial legal fees incurred from numerous court cases. Trump’s complete financial picture remains obscured until other branches disclose their numbers in April.

Biden’s fundraising prowess marks a historic achievement for a Democratic candidate at this stage in the campaign. Emails to supporters, focusing on concerns over Trump, have been instrumental in driving support.

Jaime Harrison, leader of the Democratic National Committee, underscored the critical role of grassroots contributions, emphasizing the gravity of the current political climate.

The disparity in financial standing between Biden and Trump underscores a pivotal dynamic as the 2024 election cycle unfolds.

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