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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Join McDonald’s Menu Nationwide

Krispy Kreme doughnuts will soon be available at McDonald’s restaurants all over the country. According to the Associated Press, Krispy Kreme treats will gradually appear in McDonald’s locations across the United States this year. By the end of 2026, these doughnuts will be at all participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.

McDonald’s did not say how many of its 13,500 restaurants in the United States would join in this partnership. However, Josh Charlesworth, President and CEO of Krispy Kreme, mentioned that this collaboration would give customers more chances to enjoy their favorite breakfast treats. He explained to CNBC that they can already deliver doughnuts to around 6,000 McDonald’s restaurants and are working to serve the other 7,500 locations too.

Charlesworth said, “By making Krispy Kreme accessible to fans nationwide through this partnership, we expect to more than double our points of access by the end of 2026.”

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Join McDonald's Menu Nationwide

Krispy Kreme doughnuts will soon be available at McDonald’s restaurants all over the country

McDonald’s is planning to offer three Krispy Kreme doughnut flavors: original glazed, chocolate iced with sprinkles, and filled chocolate iced. These treats will be available for purchase individually or in boxes of six, all day long while supplies last.

According to Charlesworth, they began testing Krispy Kreme doughnut sales at nine McDonald’s locations about a year and a half ago. As demand grew, they expanded the pilot program to 160 restaurants. Charlesworth mentioned that the response exceeded what both companies had expected.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the news caused Krispy Kreme’s shares to jump by almost 30% on Tuesday. This partnership between major fast food chains and popular food brands is becoming more common. Taco Bell, for example, has been selling Doritos-flavored tacos for a long time, and Wendy’s recently added Cinnabon pastries to its menu.

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