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Biden’s Fundraising Surge Sets Stage for Election Showdown

March was a robust fundraising month for the Biden campaign, as they amassed a noteworthy $90 million. This surge was largely attributed to the success of the “Three Presidents” fundraiser held on March 28, featuring Presidents Biden, Obama, and Clinton, alongside notable musical performances.

Many of these funds arrived through small-dollar contributions, complemented by an expanded email outreach strategy. The campaign reported 1.9 million contributions from 1.1 million individual donors, with the majority of donations falling below the $200 mark.

Additionally, the Biden team celebrated the acquisition of 212,000 “sustaining donors,” indicating a solid base of ongoing support.

Biden’s March fundraising hit $90 million, powered by a star-studded event and grassroots support surge.

In contrast, Trump’s fundraising efforts are gaining momentum, with an anticipated $50 million boost expected from an event in Palm Beach hosted by billionaire John Paulson.

The Republican primaries settled, the Trump campaign is intensifying its efforts to narrow the financial gap with Biden.

However, the Biden camp is keen to highlight the grassroots nature of its support, positioning it as a core aspect of its campaign ethos.

Rob Flaherty, the deputy campaign manager, emphasized the contrast between the broad-based grassroots backing of Biden and the reliance on wealthy donors by Trump.

As the fundraising race heats up, both campaigns aim to bolster their own war chests and support party committees and state parties.

Biden’s campaign already amassing $192 million for the forthcoming months, the competition for financial resources remains fierce, underscoring the significance of fundraising prowess in modern political campaigns.

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