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The Rookie Season 6: Anticipation Builds Amid High-Stakes Drama and Production Delays

Jump back into action with the officers of the LAPD on The Rookie.

Nathan Fillion stars as John Nolan, the oldest rookie in the Los Angeles Police Department. Fillion credits the show’s success to its relatability, especially in themes of restarting and adapting, which resonate today. With a sixth season confirmed and a 100th episode milestone approaching, fans can expect more drama and excitement from the series.

The cast of The Rookie season 6 is expected to include Nathan Fillion (John Nolan), Richard T. Jones (Wade Grey), Melissa O’Neil (Lucy Chen), Eric Winter (Tim Bradford), Alyssa Diaz (Angela Lopez), Mekia Cox (Nyla Harper), and Jenna Dewan (Bailey Nune)

Heart-Stopping Finale: The Rookie Season 5 Leaves Fans Breathless

The season 5 finale of The Rookie, titled “Under Siege,” left viewers on edge with multiple intense plotlines. Aaron Thorsen and Celina Juarez were attacked after a game of Dungeons & Dragons, leaving Thorsen critically injured and Juarez barely conscious but able to call for help.

The Season 5 finale of The Rookie shocks viewers with intense attacks and a thrilling cliffhanger. (Credits: ABC Studios)

Meanwhile, Nolan and Bailey faced an attack in their home, and Nyla’s baby girl, Lyla, was kidnapped from her crib. Despite surviving the attack, Nolan and Bailey were left shaken. Chen and Bradford, known as “Chenford” to fans, also encountered masked attackers while following a lead.

Elsewhere, Diaz and Wesley welcomed their baby girl in the hospital. The leader of the attackers, Luke Moran, harbored a grudge against the Mid-Wilshire police station and ultimately died during the confrontation with the police.

However, a mystery man praised the distraction created by Moran’s team as two vehicles fled the scene. Additionally, Thorsen was left in a coma, with his fate uncertain as hospital workers rushed to his room in the final moments of the episode.

Production Delays & Episode Count: What to Expect from The Rookie Season 6

Production for season 6 of The Rookie was scheduled to begin in the summer of 2023. However, due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, production was delayed.

Season 6 production was delayed due to strikes; fans eagerly await the show’s return in February 2024. (Credits: ABC Studios)

The number of episodes for season 6 has not been confirmed by ABC. Previous seasons had varying episode counts, with the first two seasons containing 20 episodes each, followed by 14 episodes in season 3, and 22 episodes each in seasons 4 and 5.

The show airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, with new episodes available for streaming on Hulu the day after their premieres.

Past seasons can also be purchased on platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Google Play. Season 6 of The Rookie premiered in February 2024, with new episodes released weekly on Tuesdays.

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