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Criminal Investigation Initiated by FBI into Baltimore Bridge Disaster

The FBI is looking into the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, investigating if all federal laws were followed. They are examining what happened before the collapse, according to someone familiar with the situation. They are not allowed to talk about it publicly.

The FBI was on the cargo ship Dali as part of their investigation. The ship was involved in the collapse, the FBI said in a statement on Monday. This information was first reported by the Washington Post.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott said they are teaming up with two law firms to take legal action against those responsible for the collapse. They want to help the city and its residents affected by the tragedy.

Criminal Investigation Initiated by FBI into Baltimore Bridge Disaster

FBI is looking into the collapse of the Baltimore Bridge

The container ship Dali left Baltimore’s port on March 26, heading to Sri Lanka. It hit one of the bridge’s columns, causing part of the bridge to fall into the Patapsco River. Six workers fell into the river and died. Divers have found three bodies, but three are still missing.

The National Transportation Safety Board is looking into the ship’s power system. They found that the ship had power problems before the crash. They are examining data from the ship’s voyage recorder to understand what happened in the engine room.

Baltimore’s statement said they will hold everyone responsible for the collapse accountable. This includes the ship’s owner, charterer, manager/operator, and the ship’s manufacturer. They want to help those affected by the tragedy and seek justice.

Mayor Scott said they need to act quickly to protect the city’s interests. The ship’s owner has already filed a petition to limit its liability after the incident. They want to make sure the city is not affected by this.

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