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Global Fan Support Surges for MA1 Debut Idol Project

According to KBS reports on May 1 KST, the preliminary voting phase for MA1 has concluded, drawing enthusiastic participation from fans worldwide and gaining significant attention.

A total of 516,283 votes were cast from 81 countries through the global entertainment platform Makestar application, highlighting the project’s international appeal and the fervour of fans spanning Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

KBS reports enthusiastic global participation ahead of MA1 debut.

Anticipation is high as MA1 prepares to announce the results of the preliminary vote on its official YouTube channel on May 8 KST. Fans eagerly await to see which of the thirty-five ‘everyday boys’ will emerge as the top choice.

MA1, a global idol debut initiative by KBS after a hiatus of approximately six years, aims to impress audiences with its mission to ‘MAKE the stage of your dreams and become ONE with your friends (MATE).’

Ahead of its debut, MA1 continues to release fun content showcasing the participants’ individual talents and group dynamics. From group performances of the main song to individual showcases highlighting each member’s unique qualities, fans are treated to exciting previews of what lies ahead.

The premiere episode of MA1 is scheduled to air on KBS2 on May 15 KST, promising an exhilarating journey for both the contestants and their devoted fan base.

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