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Big Hit Music Fights Back: Update on BTS’s Legal Protection

Big Hit Music is taking a strong stance against recent controversies surrounding BTS. The agency released an update on their legal efforts to protect the artists’ rights.

This update comes amidst allegations of BTS album chart manipulation and HYBE’s supposed connection to the pseudoscience group Dahnworld.

On May 2nd, Big Hit Music issued a statement outlining their plan to combat these claims. They announced the hiring of a separate law firm to address accusations of “hoarding, concept plagiarism, and affiliations with Dahnworld or any religious cults.”

The statement emphasized a zero-tolerance policy for malicious posts and a commitment to pursuing legal action against those who spread misinformation or attempt to tarnish BTS’s reputation.

Big Hit to take strong action against the anti-fans spreading misinformation.

Big Hit Music assures fans they are actively monitoring the situation and gathering evidence for legal proceedings. The statement released states:

We wish to update you on the status of legal
measures taken to protect BTS members against
violation of their rights.

We would like to clarify that the recent allegations of
hoarding, concept plagiarism, and affiliations with
Dahnworld or any religious cults are completely

The company has decided that the recent
movement spreading false rumours and information
has become excessive, and announced previously
that a separate law firm would be engaged to
address these matters decisively.

Thus, we have identified and compiled several posts
containing misinformation aimed at defaming and
slandering the artists, and filed the initial round of
criminal complaint to law enforcement agencies
today, on May 2. This compilation includes posts
that were systematically uploaded then deleted, as
well as posts from authors who have since deleted
their accounts. We will persist in our legal
proceedings through continuous monitoring and
gathering of evidence.

We uphold a zero-tolerance policy for filing civic and
criminal complaints against individuals who attempt
to tarnish the reputation of our artists by spreading
malicious falsehoods. We will offer no leniency or
settlements, ensuring that offenders are
appropriately punished without exception.

We extend our deepest apologies to the fans of BTS
for the distress you have experienced in recent
weeks. We are committed to taking all necessary
actions to protect our artists’ rights. Thank you for
your unwavering love and support for BTS. Please
send any reports of aforementioned cases of
violation to BIGHIT MUSIC’s legal hotline at
[email protected].
Thank you.”

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