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Lewd Acts Force Pause on NYC Dublin Sidewalk Livestream Portal

In New York City and Dublin, there’s this big TV thing called the “Portal.” It lets people see what’s happening on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in real time. It’s fun for people walking by to watch, but some people have been acting badly, so they turned it off for now.

This “Portal” is like a big TV screen. In New York, it’s near the Flatiron Building, and in Dublin, it’s on O’Connell Street. You can see famous places in both cities on the screen.

The people who made it say it’s supposed to show how we’re all connected around the world. But after just a few days, they had to turn it off because some people were doing bad things. In New York, a woman showed her breasts, and in Dublin, people held up signs with bad stuff on them.

The screens were turned back on the next day, but then they turned them off again in the evening. They’re trying to figure out how to stop people from being bad. They might turn them back on later in the week.

Lewd Acts Force Pause on NYC Dublin Sidewalk Livestream Portal

Some people have been acting badly, so they turned The Portal off for now

The people who made the “Portal” haven’t said anything yet, but they’ve said before that they want people to be nice to each other.

Most people who go see the “Portal” are nice. There’s security around it all the time. But sometimes, people do silly things. Like, in Dublin, a guy flipped off the camera. And in New York, a lady wanted people in Dublin to do a dance with her, but they didn’t, so she did it alone.

Some people think the “Portal” shouldn’t be where it is in Dublin because it’s in a busy area where people go out at night.

But some people don’t mind the bad behavior. A guy in New York said it’s okay as long as nobody gets hurt. And a lady said she thinks it’s nice because it’s like saying hi to someone you don’t know.

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