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Jennifer Lopez Shines Solo at ‘Atlas’ Premiere as Ben Affleck’s Absence Fuels Speculation

Jennifer Lopez stepped onto the red carpet solo for the premiere of her latest venture, the Netflix sci-fi film “Atlas,” as Ben Affleck remained occupied with his project.

Absent from the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California, on May 20, Affleck, engrossed in filming “The Accountant 2,” missed out on celebrating Lopez’s production.

Despite swirling rumors regarding their marriage, Lopez proudly adorned her wedding ring, clad in a striking black-and-white ensemble.

Jennifer Lopez stuns at "Atlas"

Jennifer Lopez walked the red carpet alone for the “Atlas” premiere as Ben Affleck filmed “The Accountant 2.”

While Affleck had previously accompanied her to the premiere of “This Is Me … Now: A Love Story,” Lopez made a solo appearance at the Met Gala earlier in May. Recent public sightings together suggest efforts to mend any apparent strains in their relationship.

However, sources indicate that the couple resides separately while in Los Angeles, with differing attitudes toward media attention cited as a contributing factor.

Lopez, reflecting on her character in “Atlas,” finds both similarities and differences, noting her tendency towards emotional openness contrasted with her character’s guarded nature.

Despite uncertainties, Lopez trusts her instincts in her creative endeavors, a philosophy that resonates with her portrayal of the character.

“Atlas” will premiere on Netflix on May 24, offering viewers a glimpse into Lopez’s multifaceted talents beyond the red carpet.

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