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Ford Sees Strong Growth in Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Sales in May

Ford Motor Company sold more new vehicles in the United States last month compared to May of last year. They saw an increase of 11.2%. This growth was mainly because people are buying more electric and hybrid cars.

In May, Ford sold 65% more hybrid and all-electric vehicles than they did last year. On the other hand, sales of their traditional cars with regular engines only went up by 5.6%.

Even though sales of electric and hybrid cars went up by a lot, they still only made up about 14% of all the cars Ford sold last month.

Ford’s electric and hybrid vehicle sales surge in May, driving overall U.S. sales increase

Ford wants to sell more electric cars to help meet stricter rules about how much fuel cars can use and how much pollution they can make. But their electric car division, called Model E, has been losing a lot of money. They lost $1.32 billion in the first three months of this year.

In May, Ford sold almost twice as many all-electric F-150 Lightning trucks as they did in May of last year. They also sold 46% more Mustang Mach-E electric cars.

Ford is also selling more hybrid cars. They plan to focus on making more of these cars in the future. They are delaying making new electric cars to work on making more hybrid cars. They want all of the cars they sell in North America to have a hybrid option by the year 2030.

Generally, Ford sold 877,685 cars in the U.S. from January to May this year, which is 5.6% more than they sold during the same time last year. Most of their sales came from SUVs, which went up by about 10%, and trucks and vans, which went up by 2.5%.

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