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Chase Budinger Makes Olympic History: From NBA Courts to Beach Volleyball Sands

Chase Budinger, a former NBA player known for his basketball prowess, is now making waves in a new arena—literally.

At 36 years old, he has secured a spot-on Team USA for the 2024 Paris Olympics, not in basketball, but in beach volleyball, alongside his partner, Miles Evans.

What makes this achievement truly remarkable is that Budinger will become the first athlete ever to compete in both Olympic beach volleyball and the NBA. This transition from the hardwood to the sand court is a testament to his versatility and athletic prowess.

Former NBA player Chase Budinger makes history as the first athlete in Olympic beach volleyball and NBA.

Hailing from Encinitas, California, Budinger excelled in both basketball and volleyball during his high school years, earning recognition as the National High School Player of the Year by Volleyball Magazine in 2005.

Despite receiving scholarships for both sports from prestigious universities like USC and UCLA, Budinger opted to pursue basketball at the University of Arizona.

After being drafted into the NBA in 2009 by the Detroit Pistons, Budinger enjoyed a successful career spanning seven seasons with various teams.

His athleticism was further highlighted when he participated in the 2012 Slam Dunk Contest during All-Star Weekend. However, Budinger retired from professional basketball in 2017 to focus on beach volleyball.

Making his debut on the AVP Tour in 2018, Budinger quickly made a name for himself in the beach volleyball circuit.

Now, as he prepares to represent the United States in the Paris Olympics alongside Evans, Budinger’s story serves as an inspiration to athletes everywhere, proving that with determination and adaptability, anything is possible.

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