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Day6’s Young K Faces Backlash Over Comment to ITZY’s Chaeryeong

In a recent broadcast, Day6’s Young K faced criticism from some ITZY fans, known as MIDZYs, after a comment made to Chaeryeong. On June 11, the web show “Full-Belly Chaeryeong, Hanging Out With a Friend” premiered on the YouTube channel “Merry Go Round.”

In her first solo hosting gig, ITZY’s main dancer Chaeryeong invited her long-time friend, Day6’s Young K, as her first guest. Their friendship dates back to their trainee days at JYP Entertainment.

In a teaser clip that raised fans’ expectations, Chaeryeong playfully asked Young K, “Who were you thinking of when you wrote the lyrics for ‘You Were Beautiful?’ Was it me by any chance?” Young K, maintaining a blank face, replied, “I don’t think so at all.”

Day6 Young K (left) and ITZY’s Chaeryeong (right)

This exchange garnered 1.4 million views and over 43k likes on X (formerly Twitter). While the exchange was intended as a joke, many MIDZYs took offence, perceiving Young K’s response as rude to Chaeryeong. Some fans suggested he could have responded more playfully instead of looking “weirded out.”

However, MyDays and some MIDZYs defended Young K, providing context from the full episode. Chaeryeong explained that the show’s concept involves treating the MC and guest as same-age friends, regardless of their actual age and status, to facilitate informal and humorous interactions.

Additionally, fans argued that it would have been inappropriate for Young K to joke about thinking of Chaeryeong while writing the song, given that she was a minor at the time. In the full interview, Young K refuted Chaeryeong’s playful claim but complimented her, saying, “It’s really sad I didn’t even think of you this much, but you were so adorable, cute, and smart even when you were a trainee.”

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