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H1-KEY Blazes Back with Rebellious New Mini-Album “LOVE or HATE”

H1-KEY is back and hotter than ever! Despite scorching Seoul heat, the girl group returned on June 19th with their fiery new mini-album “LOVE or HATE.”

This comeback marks a shift for H1-KEY, showcasing their “dark” side with rebellious lyrics, bold music, and edgy visuals. It’s a departure from their previous warm and comforting image.

“We want to show that being good isn’t the only part of us,” Hwiseo explains. “This album embraces our rebellious and defiant sides too.”

The title track, “Let It Burn,” is a powerful anthem fueled by boom-bap hip-hop and grunge rock. The lyrics are bold and unapologetic, urging listeners to embrace their inner fire.

H1-KEY’s Fiery Return: “LOVE or HATE”

H1-KEY delivered an electrifying performance at their showcase, complete with a live band and intense choreography created by renowned choreographer Lia Kim.

The music video explodes with the group’s rebellious energy, showcasing them running wild through classrooms and rooftops.

“LOVE or HATE” also features the meaningful track “Letter,” co-written by all the members. It’s a heartfelt message to themself, reflecting on their shared memories and growth.

Despite the concept change, H1-KEY assures fans it’s still their story. “We’re talking about a different side of youth, one that’s relatable and true to life,” says Riina.

H1-KEY Goes Bold & Rebellious

With their new music, H1-KEY aims to connect with listeners through relatable lyrics and stories. While they acknowledge the success of their previous hit “Rose Blossom,” their focus remains on staying true to their identity while showcasing their growth.

H1-KEY’s ambition is clear. Hwiseo dreams of achieving a music show win, while Riina hopes to hear fans say, “H1-KEY is going to make it big.”

H1-KEY’s “LOVE or HATE” dropped on June 19th at 6 PM KST. Be sure to check out their fiery new music!

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