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Christina Applegate Addresses Concerns Over Mental Health Amidst MS Journey

Christina Applegate addressed concerns from fans following her candid expression of struggling with dark thoughts related to her multiple sclerosis (MS) on her podcast, “Messy.” She reassured listeners that despite discussing these challenging emotions openly, she is doing well overall.

Applegate emphasized the importance of being able to share such feelings in a safe space, highlighting that suppressing emotions can give them more power. She acknowledged the stigma surrounding mental health issues and emphasized that experiencing dark thoughts doesn’t mean she is in immediate danger.

The actress explained that her openness about these feelings is part of her healing process, even if it might unsettle others. She clarified that her remarks were not indicative of being in crisis due to her chronic illness, noting the difficulty of adjusting to life with MS after being diagnosed in early 2021.

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate

Applegate spoke candidly about the toll MS has taken on her life, including physical challenges such as wearing diapers and having lesions on her brain.

Despite her struggles, Applegate underscored the resilience needed to cope with chronic illness, acknowledging moments of exhaustion and frustration. She described her podcast as a platform to release the pressure of these emotions, emphasizing the therapeutic value of voicing them openly.

Earlier, Applegate had disclosed experiencing real depression and feeling trapped in darkness, admitting that she doesn’t derive enjoyment from life anymore, a sentiment that sparked concern among her fans.

Throughout her journey with MS, Applegate has been transparent about its impact on her health and career, navigating the public eye with honesty about her physical and emotional challenges. Her recent clarification aimed to reassure supporters while advocating for the importance of destigmatizing discussions around mental health and chronic illness.

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