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NewJeans in PUBG: Inappropriate Content to Be Removed

The PUBG x NewJeans collaboration has hit a snag. While the collaboration aimed to bring fans of both parties closer together, some users have misused in-game character customizations. KRAFTON, the game’s developer, and ADOR, NewJeans’ agency, have issued a joint statement addressing the issue and outlining their plan to rectify it.

The statement acknowledges that a small group of users have created and shared inappropriate content featuring the NewJeans characters. This content goes against the collaborative spirit and creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for all players.

PUBG x NewJeans collaboration has become a hit.

To address this, KRAFTON and ADOR will be taking several steps. In response, they published a notice on 20 June which says,

Dear PUBG and NewJeans fans,

First and foremost, thank you for your great interest and support in the PUBG x NewJeans collaboration. We are delighted to have the chance to create opportunities for fans of both sides to grow closer through this collaboration.

However, it has been confirmed that a select number of users are creating unsuitable content using the NewJeans characters in the game, sharing this content with other users. Such actions do not adhere to the brand image of PUBG and NewJeans, and are furthermore actions causing discomfort for everyone. 

In response, KRAFTON and ADOR would like to issue the following position.

As soon as possible, corrective measures will be taken against any wardrobe items and accessories which do not adhere with the objective of this collaboration. By doing so, we intend on promoting a more safe and healthy gaming environment. We will issue a follow-up statement with specific details on the corrective measures.

KRAFTON and ADOR will take proper measure to maintain the privacy of the group.

All PUBG users must follow the community guidelines. These guidelines specifically ban inappropriate and unsuitable activities, and failure to follow the guidelines could result in restrictions when accessing the game.

KRAFTON and ADOR consider this recent issue a grave matter, and inappropriate content will be dealt with accordingly. All problematic content will be deleted, and users who took part in producing this content may face community activity restrictions.

To promote a healthy and positive community environment, we need the cooperation of fans. If you discover inappropriate and unsuitable content, please report it immediately.

The intent of this collaboration was to showcase new content to fans of both sides and provide new, enjoyable experiences for everyone. All wardrobe items in this collaboration were created following the game’s age rating of 15+, and it was agreed that the wardrobe items would be on par with items typically worn by idols on stage. 

However, a select number of users chose to use preexisting items inappropriately to go against the intended purpose of this collaboration, and we were not able to predict that such activity would occur. 

ADOR prioritizes protecting its artists and respecting fan wishes.

ADOR, which believes that protecting its artists and respecting the wishes of fans is its utmost priority, and KRAFTON, whose mission is to provide its game content users with innovative and enjoyable experiences, both agree that it must be our goal to protect the artists and foster a healthy and safe community environment. Once again, we emphasize that the protection of the artists was the greatest priority during any artist collaborations.

We cherish a community created together with the fans. We apologize for the discomfort caused by the recent incidents, and we will exercise greater caution so that we do not disappoint the fans again.

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