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SM Entertainment Apologizes for NCT Dream’s Renjun Mistake? What is the Whole Truth Behind this Incident?

NCT’s Renjun sparked controversy after accidentally revealing a phone number on Bubble.

Believing it belonged to a sasaeng fan, Renjun unknowingly exposed an ordinary person’s contact. The victim was bombarded with hateful messages, prompting them to seek help from the police.

SM Entertainment quickly issued an apology on Renjun’s behalf. They acknowledged the seriousness of the mistake and the distress caused to the victim. SM revealed they contacted the victim through investigators to express regret and prevent further harassment. Additionally, Renjun’s message was removed from Bubble.

SM Entertainment apologized for Renjun and contacted the victim.

SM emphasized their commitment to preventing similar incidents. They urged fans to respect the victim’s privacy and stated Renjun deeply regrets his actions.

Finally, SM apologized for any concern caused and for not properly managing their artist’s activities. The statement reads:

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

One June 20, NCT member Renjun mistakenly exposed the phone number of an unknown person on a fan communication platform, believing that the number belonged to a sasaeng. SM Entertainment would like to sincerely apologize on Renjun’s behalf for this mistake and for inflicting damages on the victim. 

Immediately after receiving word that the victim had visited a regional police station to inquire about this incident, SM Entertainment contacted the victim through the investigators to offer an apology. Renjun’s Bubble message has also been removed. We will continue our efforts to ensure that there are no further damages, and we ask that everyone refrain from contacting the victim using any means from now on.

Renjun regrets his mistake and SM apologizes for poor management.


Renjun is currently deeply reflecting on his mistake and the consequences that followed. SM Entertainment also apologizes for failing to take care of our artist’s actions. 

Once again, we apologize to the victim as well as many others who were concerned over this incident.

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