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Kelly Sweeney’s Choreography Finally Credited by HYBE After Controversy

Plagiarism remains a contentious issue in the music industry. Months ago, dancer Kelly Sweeney exposed how HYBE used her choreography without permission or credit.

The rookie girl group ILLIT, under HYBE, performed her choreography, sparking controversy. Recently, HYBE updated ILLIT’s video to include proper credits, leading Kelly to acknowledge this correction on her social media.

ILLIT, under HYBE, copied her choreography.

Despite the resolution, multiple plagiarism controversies now taint ILLIT’s name. The young members, debuting to realize their dreams, have faced undue criticism.

It’s important to note that Korean idol groups typically have little control over artistic decisions, which their companies manage. Kelly emphasized that hate should not be directed at ILLIT’s members.

She highlighted the pervasive issue in the entertainment industry. Kelly called for industry-wide changes to prevent such situations from recurring, advocating for better protections and recognition for choreographers.

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