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Jon Heder’s Kids Enjoy Napoleon Dynamite: Actor Reflects on Movie’s Impact and 20th Anniversary Reunion

Jon Heder, famous for playing Napoleon Dynamite, recently said his kids love the movie. His 7-year-old daughter enjoys watching clips and likes the quirky humor. His 10-year-old son finds it cool that people recognize his dad because of the film, though he might care more about the fame than the movie itself.

Even twenty years after its release, fans still enthusiastically quote their favorite lines to Heder whenever they recognize him, with the iconic “Napoleon, give me some of your tots” being the most frequently mentioned. Heder humorously accepts this continued recognition and connection to the film’s memorable scenes.

Recently, Heder reunited with his former co-stars Efren Ramirez and John Gries to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Napoleon Dynamite. The reunion included a screening of the film and a Q&A session with the audience, where they reminisced about the film’s enduring appeal and cultural impact.

Jon Heder's Kids Enjoy Napoleon Dynamite Actor Reflects on Movie's Impact and 20th Anniversary Reunion

Jon Heder’s Kids Enjoy Napoleon Dynamite Actor Reflects on Movie’s Impact and 20th Anniversary Reunion

Reflecting on the film’s legacy, Heder described Napoleon Dynamite as a perfect family movie, appreciated for its clean humor and lack of explicit content, making it enjoyable for viewers of all ages. He expressed pride in the countless families who have shared with him how the film has become a unifying favorite, bringing generations together through its comedic charm.

In a playful tribute to the film’s enduring popularity, Heder also recently starred in a commercial for Ore-Ida, reprising his role as Napoleon Dynamite to promote tater tots and a humorous “tot-protecting pants” product. The commercial cleverly referenced one of the film’s famous lines, showcasing Heder’s continued affection for the character and the movie that has left a lasting mark on popular culture.

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