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Red Velvet’s ‘Cosmic’ MV Divides Fans with ‘Midsommar’ Aesthetic

Red Velvet’s latest music video for ‘Cosmic’ has sparked mixed reactions since its release on the 24th via SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. Fans had speculated about the MV’s inspiration from the film ‘Midsommar’, known for its unsettling tone amidst a seemingly cheerful setting, based on teasers and comeback schedules.

Some netizens compiled comparisons between scenes from ‘Midsommar’ and the ‘Cosmic’ MV, highlighting similarities that resonated with viewers. However, not all reactions were positive. Critics expressed concerns over the lack of originality, questioning the direct homage to ‘Midsommar’ and its alignment with the song’s thematic elements.

Mixed fan reactions range from admiration for the fresh concept to concerns about originality and thematic alignment.

One fan cautiously praised ‘Cosmic’ as Red Velvet’s best song since ‘Psycho’ but raised questions about the video’s creative direction and its connection to the lyrics and album concept. Another noted that previous homage-filled videos from Red Velvet felt more cohesive in integrating the group’s unique worldview.

Conversely, supporters of the MV applauded its fresh approach, describing Red Velvet’s execution of the bright yet eerie concept as mesmerizing. Comments highlighted the group’s portrayal as akin to forest fairies, marking a departure from their previous styles.

Red Velvet has a history of incorporating artistic and cinematic references in their music videos, such as ‘Psycho’ inspired by ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Feel My Rhythm’ referencing artworks like ‘The Finding of Ophelia’. Despite occasional critiques, their distinctive identity has typically been well-received.

‘Cosmic’, a collaboration between composer KENZIE and Swedish songwriters Moonshine, features fairy-tale lyrics describing an infinite love akin to the vast universe, blending celestial imagery with romantic motifs.

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