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Girl Group Returns After 14 Months with Bold Sonics and Stunning Performances

Gear up for a genre-bending comeback! After a 14-month hiatus, girl group CRAXY has roared back onto the scene with their first single album, ‘RE_’, released on June 26th. This exciting release marks a fresh chapter for the group, showcasing their musical evolution and promising to exceed fan expectations.

The title track, ‘STUPIDZ,’ throws it back to old-school hip-hop with a gritty drum loop and a lead melody. The song boasts an unforgettable hook, smooth rapping, and lyrics brimming with confidence, instantly grabbing listeners’ attention.

CRAXY returns with their first single album ‘RE_’ after a 14-month hiatus.

But ‘RE_’ offers more than just a single banger. ‘CRAZY RACER’ injects pure adrenaline with its powerful bass and a trap beat reminiscent of a roaring engine, perfectly capturing CRAXY’s fiery ambition. To balance the energy, ‘DAISY’ closes out the album on a softer note, featuring hopeful lyrics and dreamy melodies that paint a picture of everlasting love.

CRAXY’s album features a genre-bending title track ‘STUPIDZ’ with a strong old-school hip-hop influence and diverse follow-up tracks.

CRAXY has carved a niche for themselves with their music videos and performances that build a unique cinematic universe. ‘RE_’ upholds this tradition, boasting stunning visuals and a show-stopping mega crew performance featuring a whopping 40 dancers. It’s a high-energy spectacle that promises to leave a lasting impression.

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