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Allegations Against Uday Reddy: Incitement and Ethno-Religious Tensions in Manipur

In recent developments, Uday Reddy, an Indian-origin professor at the University of Birmingham in the UK, faces serious allegations linked to incitement of ethnic violence in Manipur, India. According to a police complaint filed in Imphal, Manipur’s capital, Reddy stands accused of exacerbating tensions through online messages and social media sessions.

The complaint suggests a deliberate attempt by Reddy to inflame religious sentiments among the Meitei community in Manipur, thereby fostering discord with other ethnic groups.

The FIR filed against Reddy outlines his alleged activities, including hosting audio discussions aimed at guiding Manipur residents on provocative actions against local law enforcement. His social media presence, particularly on a platform where his account has been restricted in India following a legal demand, underscores the gravity of the accusations.

The complaint further implies potential links between Reddy and Khalistani elements in Canada, alongside suggestions of involvement with narco-terrorism, prompting calls for thorough investigations into his communications, financial dealings, and associates.

Uday Reddy

Uday Reddy

The complainant advocates for stringent legal measures under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, alleging Reddy’s actions pose a threat to India’s national integrity and sovereignty.

In response to these developments, Indian authorities have been urged to notify Reddy’s employer about his alleged criminal conduct and consider issuing a lookout circular to monitor his travel to and from India. This legal maneuver is designed to prevent individuals under investigation from leaving the country.

The backdrop to these allegations is a broader narrative of ethnic tensions in Manipur, notably between the Meitei community and the Kuki tribes, exacerbated by social media dynamics and misinformation campaigns. This context underscores the sensitivity and potential impact of Reddy’s alleged activities on local stability and inter-community relations.

These developments highlight the complexities of managing free speech in the digital age, as articulated by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud, who has expressed concerns over the manipulation of public discourse through organized disinformation campaigns on social media platforms.

The case against Uday Reddy thus not only raises legal questions but also underscores broader societal challenges in navigating the boundaries of expression and incitement in an increasingly interconnected world.

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