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Reform UK Campaigner’s Racist Slur Against Rishi Sunak Condemned as Election Approaches

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned a racist slur used against him by a Reform UK party campaigner as the general election campaign neared its end. An undercover investigation by Channel 4 showed campaigners in Clacton-on-Sea making racist, homophobic, and offensive remarks.

The investigation focused on the area where Reform UK leader Nigel Farage is running for a parliamentary seat, recorded a canvasser using a racial slur against Sunak, the first British-Indian prime minister, and insulting Islam.

Farage, known for his anti-immigration stance and role in the Brexit campaign, dismissed the comments as a “complete and total set-up.” He suggested that the canvasser, Andrew Parker, might have been paid by opponents to discredit the party.

Parker, a part-time actor, claimed he was volunteering for Reform UK in a personal capacity. Sunak expressed his outrage, highlighting the impact of such racist comments on his family and calling for accountability from Farage.

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak

Channel 4 refuted Farage’s allegations of fabrication, affirming that they first met Parker at Reform UK headquarters. This incident is part of a series of scandals affecting Farage and Reform UK, with numerous candidates being suspended or removed for offensive remarks.

The anti-racism group Hope Not Hate reported that Reform UK has had to withdraw 166 candidates this year due to racist or offensive comments. Farage also faced backlash for suggesting that the West provoked Russia into invading Ukraine, further intensifying criticism against him.

Labour leader Keir Starmer, likely to succeed Sunak as prime minister, expressed shock over the footage and challenged Farage’s leadership. Farage’s previous comments questioning Sunak’s understanding of British culture and his early departure from D-Day commemorations in France drew additional criticism. The latest controversy has led to cross-party condemnation and put Farage under increased scrutiny.

Farage attributed the high number of dismissals within Reform UK to the vetting company hired to screen candidates. In the Channel 4 video, Parker suggested using new army recruits for “target practice” on undocumented migrants, while another campaigner, George Jones, made homophobic remarks.

Essex police are investigating the comments for potential criminal offenses. Farage defended the campaigners, dismissing their remarks as drunken behavior, and Reform UK confirmed their dismissal.

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