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Kiren Rijiju Says No One is Above the Law in Response to the Complaint Against Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kiren Rijiju has warned that no member of the Lok Sabha can expect to escape consequences for misleading the House, following a notice submitted by the BJP against Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi.

The notice alleges inaccuracies in Gandhi’s speech on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address. Rijiju emphasized that rules apply equally to all members, and no one is above the Chair. He stated that the BJP has requested the Speaker to take appropriate action against Gandhi’s “lies” and is waiting for a response.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister (Photo: Kiren Rijiju/Alamy)

The minister accused Gandhi of making “untruthful” claims about various issues, including the Agnipath scheme and compensation paid to locals in Ayodhya.

The notice was submitted under Direction 115 of the Speaker, which allows members to point out mistakes or inaccuracies in statements made by ministers or other members.

The Speaker can bring the matter to the attention of the concerned member or minister to ascertain the factual position.

Rijiju’s warning indicates that the government is taking a tough stance on what it perceives as misinformation spread by the Opposition.

The move is seen as a escalation of the political battle between the ruling BJP and the Opposition Congress, with the former seeking to hold the latter accountable for its statements in the House.

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