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India and Russia Address Delays in Military Spare Parts Amid Ukraine Conflict

India and Russia have acknowledged that there are delays in getting spare parts for Russian military equipment. This has become more challenging due to the war in Ukraine. Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra mentioned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed these issues during their recent summit in Moscow.

They agreed to speed up solutions, like setting up partnerships in India to ensure a steady supply of crucial spare parts. This is aimed at strengthening India’s military readiness despite the disruptions caused by the Ukraine conflict.

Most of India’s military hardware, including the S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile systems, relies on Russian components, making timely spare parts crucial for operational readiness. Despite challenges, Indian military leaders assert that operational preparedness remains unaffected.

India and Russia Address Delays in Military Spare Parts Amid Ukraine Conflict

India and Russia Address Delays in Military Spare Parts Amid Ukraine Conflict

To mitigate supply chain disruptions, India has explored alternative sources for spares from countries like Poland and Georgia while emphasizing self-sufficiency in defence production.

The joint statement following the summit highlighted a shift in India-Russia defence cooperation towards joint research, co-development, and production of advanced defence technology. This reorientation aims to bolster India’s Indigenous defence manufacturing capabilities under the Make-in-India initiative.

The establishment of a new Working Group on Technological Cooperation underscores mutual efforts to enhance joint manufacturing capabilities, not only for Indian Armed Forces but also for potential export to friendly third countries.

Specific platforms such as Mi-17 V5 choppers, Su-30 MKI fighters, MiG-29 jets, and various naval vessels like Kolkata-class destroyers and Shivalik-class frigates are among those affected by delays in Russian spares. The collaborative efforts agreed upon during the summit seek to address these challenges comprehensively, ensuring sustained operational capability across India’s defence infrastructure.

Looking ahead, the upcoming IRIGC-M&MTC meeting in Moscow in late 2024 will further solidify these agreements, particularly focusing on technological cooperation and joint ventures. Amidst geopolitical shifts and global supply chain challenges, India and Russia are reaffirming their commitment to deepening strategic defence ties and mutual cooperation in defence production and technology development.

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