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Money Heist Season 5 Release Date – New Heist is set for 2021

Money Heist has been a series which has been loved by all, with its nail-biting plot lines and twists, the mastermind character called The Professor and the way it has got the youth of our times deeply involved into it. The show, originally known as La Casa De Papel, is a Spanish original which was bought by Netflix after its hit seasons. In July this year, Netflix had announced the fifth instalment of the series and the response couldn’t be any better.

The show is a massive success, and the most-watched non-English show in the OTT platform, released its latest season in April 2020 which broke all the records and managed to get over 65 million views. The ending of the fourth season, was in a cliff-hanger so there is no surprise that Netflix is coming up with another season of the hit show. No surprise for the fans, but just the long period of awaiting the mega-hit suspenseful drama show.

Filming for the latest show began in August 2020, fans all around the world decided to circulate the leaked pictures of the shooting process and finding our conspiracies or theories to what might happen next. Netflix tweeted out “The Heist comes to an end. Part 5” indicating that the new season is the finale of the show.

The season 5 of Money Heist is speculated to release in April 2021

Here are some interesting conspiracies and fan theories (WARNING: spoilers ahead)


  • Photographs from the set of Money Heist 5, shows Lisbon standing outside the Bank of Spain which could mean that she and the gang will surrender to the police?
  • The season ended with the gang in trouble and a significant cliffhanger of Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) pointing a gun at The Professor. Reddit user ZHO2 posted that Sierra is confirmed to be in all 10 episodes of part 5 of the series.
  • Characters like Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Marseille (Luka Peroš) and Tatiana on location in Denmark. The returning of Alvaro Morte is soothing to the fans as they are assured that The Professor will be seen alive.
  • The returning cast members in Money Heist Season 5 include Úrsula Coberó as Tokyo, Pedro Alonso as Berlin, Miguel Herrán as Rio, Esther Acebo as Stockholm, Enrique Arce as Arturo, Itziar Ituño as Lisbon, Darko Peric as Helsinki, Jaime Lorente as Denver, Hovik Keuchkerian as Bogotá, José Manuel Poga as Gandía, Luka Peros as Marseille, Belén Cuesta as Manila, Rodrigo de la Serna as Palermo, Najwa Nimri as Inspector Sierra, and Fernando Cayo as Coronel Tamayo.

The final season is expected to answer the questions what season 4 has left us with, the nail-biting suspense, the cliff hangers, the character development and chemistry, the no-lack of drama all will come to an end. For the fifth season, the cast has travelled the world to countries such as Spain, Copenhagen, Denmark, Lisbon, Portugal and many more. Though there was a delay in filming due to the pandemic, and it took longer to film the season 5 will consist of 10 episodes, instead of the normal eight.

Are you ready for the Heist to begin?